MHA-GH is one of the leading agencies for the prevention and treatment of alcohol and other substance abuse. As such, it provides a variety of treatment services on a regional basis to persons with substance use disorders, including ambulatory care, outpatient and aftercare.

Services for HIV-infected clients include counseling, testing, support and coping therapies, alternative therapies and case management. The agency also provides prevention services, designed to promote the overall health and wellness of individuals and communities by delaying or preventing substance use; these include information dissemination, education, alternative activities, strengthening communities, promoting positive values, problem identification, and referral to services. Through this model, attitudes and behaviors that contribute to alcohol and other drug abuse are changed, leading to healthier communities.

Both substance abuse prevention and treatment services are provided to a broad range of populations. Treatment services are aimed at assisting those with substance use disorders to recover from their illness, while prevention services increase resiliency factors that reduce the likelihood of substance abuse.