The Mental Health Association of Greater Hartford is an agency whose mission is to promote the overall health and wellness of persons with behavioral health needs through an integrated network of holistic, comprehensive, effective, and efficient services and supports that foster dignity, respect, and self-sufficiency in those we serve.


MHA-GH envisions a recovery system of high quality behavioral health care that will offer Connecticut residents choices from among an array of accessible services and supports that will be effective in addressing their health concerns.

These services and supports will be culturally responsive, attentive to trauma, built on personal, family, and community strengths, and focus on promoting persons’ recovery and wellness.

Through a focus on cultivating inclusive social contexts in which individuals’ contributions will be valued, the MHA-GH system will also foster a sense of full citizenship among persons with behavioral health needs.

Finally, services and supports will be integrated, responsive, and coordinated within the context of a locally managed system of care in collaboration with the community, thereby ensuring continuity of care both over time and across organizational boundaries. As a result, each person will have maximal opportunities for establishing, or reestablishing, a safe, dignified, and meaningful life in the communities of their choice.


  • Hope, the belief that a better future, resilience and success are achievable.
  • Self-determination, the exercise of free will to encourage the independent expression of ideas and control over one’s own life.
  • Holistic focus, the interrelatedness of all human needs.
  • Nonjudgmental support, the sharing of knowledge, experience and assistance among peers as a basis for promoting one’s development and achievement.
  • Cultural awareness, the understanding and honoring of a person’s deeply held values, beliefs and practices as a foundation for building enriching, complementary relationships.
  • Personal responsibility, where each of us is accountable for our actions, and responsible for pursuing life purpose.
  • Empowerment, an individual’s increased capacity to make choices and transform those choices into desired outcomes, including the self-confidence required for self-actualization and leadership.
  • Respect, the unconditional regard for the inherent worth of all individuals necessary for developing, maintaining and enhancing effective relationships.
  • Strengths-based perspective, which presumes that everyone has resilience and talents, and acknowledges individuals’ unique ideas and experiences.
  • Education and learning, the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and experiences for their own sake and for enhancing one’s continual development.